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Q: Which permits are needed for a Garden Suite construction project?

A: Building departments in your municipalities that allow Garden Suites in the Bylaws will need the application of construction permits and inspections to such new addition on the property. Code compliance of a Garden Suite will be similar to a normal residential house. For our 3m*6m module, an approx. backyard area of minimum 8m wide by 9.5m deep will be required based on the City of Toronto's bylaw. Other municipal offices will have similar conditions. 


Q: How is the after-sales service work? 

A: Customers can reach us online for technical support.


Q: What is the advantage of prefabricated products?

A: Most components and materials are pre-engineered to dimensions and manufactured in the factory; therefore, the waste and scraped materials on site will be minimum.


Q: How is the warranty work on a Garden Suite?

A: Our Garden Suite is made of pre-engineered structural steel, with decades' of proven application history. Structural integrity warranty thus can be superior than most wooden products in the market. Other components subject to normal wear & tear will be replaced beyond the industry norms. 


Q: Will property insurance cover a Garden Suite?

A: Garden Suites will need to pass permit process from the municipality having jurisdiction, thus will be insured as part of the house, just like a finished basement. Customer should contact their home insurer to confirm the details.